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Saya Exim is an all-time-on trading platform where sellers and buyers who wish to trade internationally can coexist to meet their business requirements with full security.

Founded in 2017 with an aim to make global trading simpler and trustworthy, SAYA EXIM provides you with full transparent transactions wherein you can find the right supplier and have your order placed within no time. We provide access to a wide range of services to our clientele and create an interactive environment for our buyers to verify the product. We draw on years of experience across different industries to provide our customers the full resilience of product’s quality by taking care of all the intermediate responsibilities and quality inspection. Our business model is very reliable, for both buyers and sellers, to satisfy their unique requirements in every aspects.

We believe in working through our 3 core principles

Easy Trading

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Making International Trade easy for everyone is of our important goals and we achieve this with the following process.

When the buyer is on our portal, they get an array of sellers to choose from which fits their needs. Once they select the seller they need to input the quantity and quality of the product they’d like to buy. Upon receiving a full product details from the buyer, seller starts manufacturing the product on extensive basis and sends daily quality reports and other details such that buyer’s demands are satisfied.

This makes working with Saya Exim Easy.

Tension Free

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When trading internationally, buyers are often worried about the quality of goods, our full product inspection facility takes care of it. Once the product attains its final shape, our inspection team visits the manufacturing facility and tests the quality. After which the quality reports are then sent to the buyer for final approval.


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Trust is a feeling that only comes with working with transparency.

Once the final product is received, the seller is credited with their final payment. We thus construct a healthy relationship between the buyer and seller which makes us a trustful.

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SAYA EXIM thrives to achieve singular Goal.

To make Global Trade EASY, TENSION-FREE , and TRUSTFUL.

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As a part of Our Commitment we are empowered to push

INDIA’S EXPORT from 300 bn to 600 bn in next FOUR YEARS.